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Touch & Go Dog Agility Training Center
Touch & Go agility is the premier agility training school in the Sacramento area. Owned and operated by Katherine Leggett, a two time AKC National Champion and five time United States Agility Team member, Touch & Go caters to the serious agility enthusiast or anyone interested in training for competition.

Our philosophy is that a great agility team is built upon a solid foundation of basic skills. Using positive training techniques and emphasizing play, we take time at the start of your agility career to build these skills. Once the basic foundation skills are in place, we move on to equipment and handling skills. Overlaying all this is our desire to help you build a great relationship with your dog, where YOU will be the ultimate reward and agility becomes the ultimate game your dog can play with you.

Kathie Leggett
Kathie Leggett owns and operates Touch & Go Agility Training Center in North Highlands, California. Kathie has been involved in agility since 1989 and has been teaching since 1991. She founded Touch & Go in 1995.

Kathie is a nationally recognized agility trainer and competitor. She is a 2 time National Champion and is a five time member of the United States Agility Team, earning Gold and Silver Medals in international competition. Kathie was also the US Team Assistant Coach in 2006, 2007 & 2008. Kathie has created one of the most competitive agility training schools in the Northern California area. Focusing on training teams for competition, Touch & Go’s goal is to provide a quality training experience for both dogs and handlers. The curriculum is focused on building a solid foundation of dog training skills that enables their students to excel in the agility ring.

Kathie is an occasional contributor to “Clean Run” magazine. She is supported in her madness by her husband of 20 plus years, Jake, and Harley the cat.